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Our values

The power of Original Cosmetic

The desire to offer natural treatments rich in minerals and trace elements
in line with user expectations.

Made In France Cosmetic

Cosmetics are constantly innovating, extracting from nature the best active ingredients to care for our skin.


It is in this spirit that the Cosmetics Laboratory has developed Danacare: to bring together natural minerals and create the first line of mineralotherapy.


A dermocosmetic skincare brand developed with active ingredients and ingredients of natural origin, rich in minerals and trace elements, alcohol-free, allergen-free and fragrance-free.


Dermocosmetic treatments formulated, developed and manufactured in France Centre Val de Loire with the requirement of pharmaceutical quality.


Care adapted to sensitive skins and formulated for all skin types, all ages and for the whole family.


Results validated under dermatological control and efficacy proven by clinical tests carried out by independent laboratories.


Safe for daily use, whatever your skin type.


Using the latest scientific and technological innovations to reveal the natural balance and beauty of the skin.

tous types de peaux
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