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Our Laboratory

Nature is a source of inspiration

Our perpetual search for new natural active ingredients leads us to offer you daily products that respect the environment and your skin, formulated without surfactants and using new cosmetic technologies.

DANACARE Technology

The biotechnology used makes it possible to incorporate natural active ingredients such as rügen chalk into the formulas of our cosmetics without the use of surfactants.


Thanks to our microencapsulation techniques, we master natural vectorization as well as the principles of long-term diffusion.


All DANACARE skincare products have been tested under dermatological control by clinical studies carried out by independent laboratories.

Visage femme

Greencoat CX microencapsulation

Greencoat CX is a new generation organic/inorganic hybrid natural compound mainly involving layered clays.


These have the ability to form mineral microcapsules.

These allow the stabilization of our cosmetics without having recourse to synthetic surfactants which can "leach" the skin due to their emulsifying power.

Our clay sheets, by delaminating on contact with the skin, release the capsules of mineral and plant active ingredients, and they are also deposited on the surface of the skin in a biomimetic way to the corneocytes.

The epidermis is therefore reinforced with "mineral pseudocorneocytes", which smoothes and refines the skin texture.


The presence of the sheets on the surface of the skin also promotes the sliding of the products, their spreading while providing pleasant use.

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