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The facial care ritual

The skin of the face needs care every day to treat and prevent all that is:

  • buttons

  • oily skin, dry skin

  • acne-prone skin

  • Dull complexion

  • wrinkles

  • other blemishes

Peaux naturelle

Steps for your facial care 

2. Scrub: at least once a week and at most 3 times a week

Deep cleansing is needed to remove dead skin cells. You must apply an exfoliating or exfoliating product to the face to obtain smooth skin but above all to prepare the absorption of your moisturizer and the renewal of your cells.

Votre routine pour le soin de votre visage peaux sensibles

3. The moisturizer: morning and evening

To prepare your face to face the day as soon as you get out of bed and after having cleansed and nourished it, you must deeply moisturize it to prevent the skin from cracking if you have dry skin, or shine if you have combination or oily skin or that it suffers from discomfort even when you are lucky enough to have normal skin.

1. Cleaning: morning and evening

Before cleaning your face, it is important, even without make-up, to remove your make-up because your skin is subject to external aggressions (dust, pollution or even hands brought to your face),

To clean your skin, use a soap.

Consider using a soaptailored to your skin type

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